Our Ludum Dare Games

This site showcases the Ludum Dare entries since LD32 that the team and I have created. click here1

A little bit of background

Back in February of 2015, my son Thomas was really interested in game development. Since I'm a software engineer, he wanted me to learn how to make games. Specifically he wanted to participate in the Ludum Dare; a game making contest where participants have 48 or 72 hours to make a game...from scratch! I told him I thought it was a great idea, but that I was way too busy to do anything. He at least wanted me to watch the Extra Credits videos on making games, and I felt like I was too busy for that.

So a few weeks pass, and I'm boarding a flight for somewhere, and I find that my flight is delayed by 3 hours! Well, it looks like I've got enough time now, so I started watching the Extra Credits videos. They were inspiring! Every since I was a kid and played games on the Atari/Coleco/Commodore 64, I always wanted to make games. But then I became an adult, and now I do grownup programming. But...just a weekend? Surely I can carve out a weekend to do this.

So I started talking to one of my game developer friends, and he recommended that I learn Unity3D. I found a Unity book and began reading. Then I started watching the Brackeys videos and learned how to make a simple platformer. Armed with this knowledge, I set my sights on making a game for the Ludum Dare #32.

The folks at TinkerMill hosted the Ludum Dare for our area. It's always nice to have other people with you while you are hacking away late at night. My eldest daughter Tamara and of course Thomas joined in. I did the programming and Thomas helped, and Tamara did the art and story concepts. And after 60 hours of work, we had an actual game!

This inspired me to keep continuing to make games for each Ludum Dare, with over a dozen talented game makers and artist joining in the fun. Well, there you have it. This site is dedicated to our games.